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Our Companion Parishes:
Saint Saviour Pimlico: Altar Swap, June 2010

This past June, the Rev’d Matthew Woodward,Vicar of our companion parish in London, Saint Saviour Pimlico, and I swapped places for two weeks. Fr Woodward came to New York and preached and celebrated at Saint Ignatius while I did the same at Saint Saviour. This was a wonderful opportunity to make real the partnership that we had undertaken a year earlier as part of a scheme promoted by the Bishops of London and New York to twin parishes in Central London with churches in Manhattan. Our exchange gave each parish a chance to learn about the other, peak people’s curiosity, and encourage further contacts.Speaking for myself, I had a wonderful time and really treasure the new freindships and connexions I made in London. We all hope that what was begun in 2009 and expanded this year with our visits, will continue to grow and thrive in the years to come.


Fr Blume and Fr Woodward

Fr Blume and Fr Woodward at Saint Ignatius on a very hot Corpus Christi, Thursday, 3 June 2010

Fr Woodward with Deacon Kahn and former Ignatian Associate the Rev’d Dr. Stuart S. Hoke at Saint Ignatius on Sunday, 6 June 2010

Fr Blume with Rev’d Ros Trafford-Roberts and Rev’d Preb Ron Swan on Sunday, 6 June

Before Mass at Saint Saviour on 6 June: Fr Blume with Churchwarden Fiona Andrews and Fr Swan


Fr Blume preaching at St Saviour on Sunday, 6 June

After Mass on Sunday, 6 June

At luncheon after Mass on Sunday, 6 June

Fr Blume proclaiming the Gospel at Mass on Sunday, 13 June

Censing the altar at the Offertory

The Canon

The Conclusion of Mass

New friends in the Sacristy!

More new friends

Fr Blume talking with Director of Music Alex Norris and a parishoner

Fr Blume and family with Churchwardens Fiona Andrews
and Joanna Buddle